Nelson Braswell

Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Devil's Playground Cover Roll with It


A lifelong contributor to the northern Virginia area music scene, we’re proud to have Nelson Braswell a part of TeamPotomac. His 2014 debut single on Potomac Records “Roll With It“, and his follow-up single “DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND” are great examples of Nelson’s diverse style. Both singles are available on all digital media outlets.

iTunes: Listen/Download Devil’s Playground (single)
Amazon: Listen/Download Devil’s Playground (single)
Google Play: Listen/Download Devil’s Playground (single)
Spotify: Listen/Download Devil’s Playground (single)

iTunes: Listen/Download Roll With It (single)
Amazon: Listen/Download Roll With It (single)
Google Play: Listen/Download Roll With It (single)
Spotify: Listen/Download Roll With It (single)

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