Artist Distribution and Services

At Potomac Records we firmly believe if the artist treat their music as a business, they will receive greater success in the NEW music industry. Digital technology have allowed artists to reach a wider audience, and consumers can discover music that wasn’t possible a few years ago. Establishing the right team, and utilizing the tools available makes it easier for the artist to expand it’s fan base, and increase revenue.

Established in 2011. Based just outside the nations capital, Potomac Records is proud to support our Artists, local business, military, local law enforcement agencies, and charity organizations throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area (VA/DC/MD). Offering our artists worldwide digital distribution, additional services to assist their career, as well as local community participation to help raise funds for charity and fundraiser organizations.

In early 2017 a new mobile device app will be launched to offer our artists numerous services, as well as a brand new experience for consumers around the world to Discover, Stream, Download, and Share the music you love.

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