The Stormin’ Norman Band

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia

Locally known for his charity work, and giving back to the community, “No Where’s My Home” is the first of several upcoming releases on Potomac Records. “No Where is My Home” was written by Norman Voss, dedicated to the homeless in Woodbridge Virginia. Norman has spend a lot of time with many homeless men and women, and has set up a Go FundMe account (Woodbridge Homeless Fundraiser); with a goal of raising $10,000.00. Over $5,000 has been raised, over half way there and could use everyone’s help and support to help reach the goal.
Woodbridge (Va) Homeless Fundraiser (Woodbridge Homeless Fundraiser)

Track: No Where is My Home
Release Date: Dec 12, 2015
2015 Potomac Records

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